About Us

There are many reasons to purchase products made in the USA... and none of them involve your political class. Founder Goods has no particular agenda other than supporting the companies that help support American workers and communities. These companies, spread out across the United States of America, help support the economy, both on a local and national level. Besides the obvious economic benefits of the “Made in USA “ movement, there are other motivations—such as health and safety, environmental concerns, and social issues. All of these reasons, both obvious and subtle, play a part of why it makes sense to support such a rewarding cause.

This site was born from the frustration of not being able to find superior quality, USA-manufactured products in one place. It has always been Founder Goods' belief that people want to buy American products, but they are often difficult to locate. Products much more easily found are likely made in a faraway land with no regard for product quality, potential impact on the environment or human welfare. So, as you check out Founder Goods, our hope is that you’ll not only find safe, quality products, but you’ll also let others know about the “Made SAFE in USA” movement. Founder Goods is thrilled to be a part of this crusade, and we hope to add more manufacturers and products with your support. It really is a simple mission... and it’s just in time.

Founder Goods

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